Yearning Expressed!!

in search of a friend

I yearn, weep and wail for you, as I know not how to live without you.
Despite all my love for you, no deliverance I beg of you nor any boon except your friendship.
Beloved friend……… a wee drop of your friendship, if vouchsafed.
I fain, would cry and cry with all my heart, day in and day out.
For none or aught on the earth but you, my ultimate refugee.
Won’t you, friend? Won’t you grant this wayward little friend of yours, this least bit of favor?
The one and only blessing I pray for………………

4 comments on “Yearning Expressed!!

  1. beingeternal says:

    Thank you and good to hear that.


  2. Abhi says:

    ‘Very nice and lovely..while reading this, i went back to my childhood days remembering my far away friend.”


  3. SmallTownGirl says:

    yearning expressed Lovely.. I wonder if there is any soul that cannot be touched and moved by such intense way of expression…


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