Life does not come with an instruction manual.

LifetitleAn energized ray of Sun remembered to kiss my room’s window gently after a short-term memory loss. It was all grey outside for the past three days. It was nice to welcome the sun once again. I groped for my slippers with my teeny-weeny eyes. I had my laptop in one arm and morning coffee mug in the other. All three of us settled down on a blue couch. As I was reading the news online, I happened to see some shameful stories of cowardice. A teenage boy dumped his girlfriend for no apparent reason. Not able to assimilate the reality, she ended her life in her hostel room. The only clue was the note besides her body that read, “I did a mistake choosing a wrong person”.

I don’t know what kind of foolishness is this……..
Mistakes are not bad at all. It is a healthy way of dealing with your situations. It is stupid to pay for your mistakes until the last breath of your life. Almost every one of us are dealing with one or the other problem; being in a bottomless struggle; making mistakes each moment; trying hard for refinedness. I guess, it is impossible to trace out a single person who is free from mistake making. First thing is that the mistakes are innate part of being human. In fact, the main thought behind we being on this earth is to learn our lessons by way of doing mistakes. Our mistakes make us a better person. I have seen many people beating up themselves hard for all their intended and unintended mistakes. However, that is not the solution.

Learn to acknowledge your mistakes for what they are and learn from them each time. Friends, never ever forget that you are not your mistakes. If people around you judge you for your mistakes, pity them. After all, simple minds are excited by simple things and what great can you expect of them. Remember, great minds know the secret: your mistakes are the proof that you are trying. There are millions of hollow people who have no guts to accept their mistakes. I say it is better to make mistakes than faking perfection. The people who do mistakes and learn from them are the greatest and strongest.

We are like PENCILS; the best part is inside us. We are so familiar with our pencils. They have been crying out their story and inspiring us but we never had any time to learn from them.
Anyway, it goes this way………………
We make a mark as we touch others’ lives
We make mistakes, we erase.
However, we become better as we are sharpened.

To all the girls and boys:
Never say it is your mistake to choose a wrong girl/guy………….

6 comments on “Life does not come with an instruction manual.

  1. This is great! My friends and I were just talking about this last night, and this post beautifully sums it up. Not to mention, it’s beautifully inspirational!


  2. zombiedrew2 says:

    I love the title – I have often thought the exact same thing. In my first blog entry I half joked that when I became a parent I checked my son for an instruction manual, because suddenly I was a dad and I had no idea what to do.

    All of life is like that. We go through life trying things, making mistakes, and trying to learn from them so we can do better next time.


    • beingeternal says:

      Thank you for the appreciation. WE make lots of mistakes because we are inclined to learn things by doing mistakes. That is the way to completeness. Glad that something in my post is resonating with someone’s life happenings. Once again, thanks for sharing your reflections.


  3. andrealee4691 says:

    Thanks for the follow, and I love your message about mistakes.


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