The road OFTEN travelled.


Man is unremittingly in the pursuit of digging into the unexplored realm of existence, unscrambling the enigmas of the world, unearthing the earthed affairs dating back to some centuries. But how often do we dare-say of plugging in with the road we very much travel almost every second of our living? Some great one said that the greatest distance in the world is just few inches – the path bridging mind to the heart .Perhaps, the most difficult one for anyone who ever walked on the earth. I marvel at the weariness and disarray of such a short distance. Perhaps, it is the confusedness emanating from the choice- whether to go with the heart or the mind. We always gyrate under this mix-up, besetting humans. Accommodating these two in one space of being is the absolute trouble. As of now, I am listening to my heart but I am carrying my mind too.


6 comments on “The road OFTEN travelled.

  1. In the end, i questioned ‘how does she (from your words, i guess you re a lady) do that??’

    You find your way around words, a thing i value alot! Amazing post 🙂

    Thanks for ever following my site, you re priceless!


  2. IngaHel says:

    Great, there is always this choice causing us problems. Perhaps because we do not know how to let it be to choose.


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