The Submerge!


In my sottish haze and in my weariness,

I date my spirit ….my tender memory of love;

My moon and moonshine; my sun and sunshine;

My garden and water; my grape and grape wine.

Swooning to a celestial tune, to the soulful strain of love;

I breathe in, every wee drop of Elysian ecstasy.

Torn and born in your love, I am fated to you, my beloved.

Ceasing my search and leading my life in you.

Drawing in repose and unfreezing my agony in you.

Intoxicated by your love to the rim……

Chancing no other argue to frown,

I just drown……….drown to the unfathomable grace of YOU.

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Evermore…………I stay on.

paper_boatIn the shallowness of your ‘Love Lake’

My fortunes of subsisting are very bleak.

I can neither vie to live nor to die,

Apart from airing an unsounded sigh;

Such is the astuteness of your love.

No matter how natural I submerge in you;

I manifest myself afloat

In your superficial waters;

Rowing my emotive boat.

In the hollowness of your heart,

I exist, sating vacuum of some sort.

Being a good deal in you,

In you, I lack a space.

Oh……….what a disgrace!

No matter how sorely, my heart bleeds;

To bide with you, is what it pleads.

Convinced, I am.

No matter how many oceans, my eyes shed;

They can ne’er puff up your shoal.

No matter how many times I call up you, dame;

Your cored out heart can never echo my name.

All the same…

In the shallowness of your love,

In the hollowness of your heart,

Evermore……………I stay on.


One more Time…..

One more time…..

Let me don my wings, I desire to fly;

And surge to summits of bluey sky.

Let me suspire the spirited up air,

And freely ramble everywhere.

Let me Hi five the splendid sun;

And diddle with rays, just for fun.

One more time…..

Let me buss the orphic moon;

And whistle a song to the silver boon.

Let me carry a crazy dance and dine;

And get drunk in the crescent shine.

Let me wink at twinkling stars;

And holler ‘Hello’ to neighboring Mars.

One more time…..

Let me pigment the white cloud, gray;

And escort the driblets mark their way.

Let me smell the swamped soil in rain;

And craft a 🙂 on misty window pane.

Let me unwrap earth’s drape of brown;

And see it cloaked in complete green.

One more time…..

Let me lap up the crystal dew;

And cast myself in the foggy view.

Let me bumble with the wicked waves;

And ring my name amidst rocky caves.

Let me perch on a calm sandy beach;

And hoard the shells, one kind, each.

One more time…..

Let me wipe up the grime of mind;

And discharge the clutter and unwind.

Let me brush off my sorrow asides;

And sweetly hum in felicity, besides.

Let my spirit spring up by itself;

And live my righteous role as MYSELF.

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The Prowess!


Miserably disappointed with searching images and its copyrights, I have decided to go on my own. The below image is a rough sketch drawn by me. The shadow effect is the photo editor’s courtesy. I hope the image is not that bad. 🙂

Oh my dearest, you know not,

The fine prowess of loving.

And I know not other than such thing.

A nerve to sound out, I bear not.

But I say with a bemoaned heart;

There are merely two ways of lasting life:

One, you know not;

And the other…..I know not.

Glass of Life


Clouds of false pride………………..underneath modesty, they hide.

Stood up great, the candied glass of life,

Chirking up in faux pride of vernal wine.

Brimmed with gloat, no ail no grief;

All globe it induced, to bid as MINE.

Befogged in vapors of ego, enthroned so high;

Enticed the storm and descended the fall.

Tattered bitingly to footing in an awful sigh,

Bussed its end upon kismet’s surly call.

Erstwhile, a paradigm of glinting shine,

Threw off its splendor to the fatal night.

Knelt in hope for the stars to align.

Battered and bankrupted; lost the fight.

Reposed with a damped pride, naught remain;

Befriended the ground and feared the height.

Prayed for humility, its collapsed pieces so fine;

Freed is the ego, the glass is clear and al-right!

Voice of a Coffee Cup!

tumblr_mruhkl3X3a1qhu7x0o1_500How many of you e’er talked over a cup of coffee in your life? I dare say, most of you – on zillions of clips, discussing zillions of affairs. What if I paint the coffee cup’s voice for a variety? Yes! You scan it aright…. THE COFFEE CUP, a frail porcelain, with a cylindric body, curvy hand grip, basking majestically on the window sill; savoring a panoramic view of the alfresco. Oh oh… what am I making? I made a commitment to loan my tongue to the cup for a limited time.

Over to coffee cup:


I am not hither for an interview so I am not carrying any CV. I am a bare coffee mug (height: 6 inches, build: cylindrical, wall thickness: 6mm, diam: 88 mm, complexion: ??????) I am aware, this is not required but FYI. All you dazzlingly beautiful women and handsome men, please do not fall in love with me conning my measures. Ladies! Pardon me. I am already betrothed to a cute little tea cup. And men, you must be knowing by now that I am a male and I am not “36-24-36”. Others, I beg off! I have not devoted any idea to it. (No umbrage intended).

images (11)

My lil tea cup hates to see this!

I am imparted a vox for an abbreviated length, hence would let you know the things that matter. Arriving flat to my likes and dislikes…………. I love balmy lips adjoining my rim, particularly the brightly lipsticked ones. I detest smoke dried and chapped lips because they veritably scathe me. More than the warmth of a hot coffee, I love being caressed by clean manicured hands. Men, do not take me wrong. I do not mind if you deal me gently, sparing your stern hands for other intent. Only I hate, you pinking me with your nasty fingers on my body wall. Do realize that I am no playfellow. I cannot abide by its jarring noise.

Talking about the deeper things, the thing that resides in me. Coffee? Nah! Coffee lodges in me but does not make me.

  1. It disappoints me to see my body wall tattooed with cartoons, quotes, weird sketches, your face, his face, her face, etc. Although I am signified for coffee, you imbibe beer, coke, whiskey and what not in disguise but that is within concavity. The quotes and weird faces on my convexity? They are seeable and readable. I just cannot fend this. My body and your nameplate on it? Just unjust! Can you ideate “Coffee Cup” etched on your body?
  2. Alike you, I as well feel. I experience a burning pain while you relish your steaming cup of coffee. I am not prompting you to renounce coffee. I am just giving my honest self to genuine eyes. Please do not entertain any guilt. I am civilized enough to understand your love for coffee. I hold no ill will of any sort. My anguish wears thin beholding the satisfactory smile dancing on your coffee kissed lips, discovering your abstruse aaaaaaahhhs and hmmmms that you make while your lips still compacted against my rim.
  3. The justest thing about me- I neither preferred my love (little teacup) and my friends (other coffee cups) based on their physical appearances nor I discriminated anyone based on their make or monetary value. I hire pride in looking thru the lens of heart. I know this is amusing you a little but I do have a heart and it beats. When in doubt, ask my little tea cup. She knows how my heart hop-skips seeing her.
  4. You call it CONFIDENTIAL sharing your dingy and dark arcana in front me. LOL. You never guessed I would be reading your closed book. I took heed your tales of love, hate and treachery but never dropped my opinion any time. I witnessed your crimsoned cheeks over the proposal and also your wept eyes over the betrayal. I mutely contained your frustration and vexation ‘cause all I wanted was you being unbothered. It never mattered to me how many times you emptied me.
  5. My biggest fear- I am scared to death when I am palmed by young and impish, arrogant teen, scorned woman and scurrilous man. They might flap down me in any moment.

Hey, what are you doing? Don’t ….don’t you dare to put me there……hey you.  No No No …not there. Not on the edges at least. Please someone help me….



My lil tea cup!

Where am I? Oh great! I am still intact and one piece. You see, my heart slumps to abysmal depths when you place me on the edges. I hate being in such states of affairs because I do not own up an insurance. Please understand that I cannot tell you “please put me safe” and hearing me is not your cup of coffee. Now, do not start editing me. I am aware of the original phrase “not my cup of tea”. I am mindful that even when I am shattered to pieces on the floor, you will not sigh for me unless I were your favorite cup. The most regretful part would be no one being there to console my weeping little tea cup.

I should slap myself tightly. Why am I sharing my poignancy with you? It’s weird to anticipate your empathy…………… your hands won’t even stretch out from the pockets to wipe your fellow being’s tears.

Enough of my life’s account because it exacts your time and forbearance. I guess, you have no time to listen to others in your busyness and it is unmanageable for you to re-learn the art of patience in your hastiness. Hence, I am better unspoken.


I am bubbling to share more and more but I fear my words falling on deaf ears. 😦

Two more honors to cherish.

downloadThank you so much Emily! for the nomination and re-nomination. Feeling on cloud nine- cherishing my nomination for Dragon’s Loyalty Award and re-nomination for Liebster Blog Award.

You have been supporting me with your beautiful comments, opinions, lovely shares, kind words and your loyalty. You were always more than a fellow blogger to me, listening patiently to my restlessness. You have always honored my ramblings and I appreciate it pretty much. I just cannot express how glad I feel witnessing your generosity.

A note to nominees: There are two different awards with different set of rules. Kindly check the rules for each.

Dragon’s Loyalty Award: On being nominated for this, you just need to thank the person who nominated you linking their blog in your post. And the link is State seven random facts about yourself. Nominate other bloggers and let them know you nominated them. Simple!

Here goes my seven facts– I eat no chocolates now; enjoy walking silently in the rain; love talking to pulseless things; beg for lullabies at this age; born with a husky voice; sponsored a random child in Bolivia, take pride in my little achievements.

I nominate:



Emily’s questions to me (with my answers)

  1. Why do you blog? I feel ventilated, blogging.
  2. When do you feel the most alive? When I be just myself.
  3. What is the nicest thing someone has done for you? Encouragement, the way you do.
  4. What memory is your favorite? When I won the “Citizen Journalist” Asia Award.
  5. Are you a cat or dog person? Or neither? Neither. I like being REVA.
  6. Where is the place you wish to go the most? My dreams.
  7. Do you have a favorite tradition? Laughing- my religion, my tradition, my ritual.
  8. Who is the person you look up to the most and why? My Mother. When life has given me lemons, she has made a lemonade for me.
  9. What brings you the most peace? My mother’s healing touch.
  10. What is your biggest hope? Hoping well all my life is my biggest hope.
  11. What is your least favorite chore? Eating J

If you are nominated for ‘Liebster Award’ and accept it, you are required to follow few rules.

  1. Write a wonderful blog post about the Liebster Award.
  2. Thank the lovely person who nominated you. And that is ME.
  3. Post a link to the person’s blog who nominated you on your blog. (It means, (Reva) Being Eternal’s link-
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  5. Nominate 11 deserving blogs, who have a follower count of less than 500-1000.
  6. Create a new list of 11 questions for your nominees to answer.
  7. List out all the rules in your blog post.
  8. Do not forget to inform the nominees. You can do this by commenting on their blog post. Most importantly, give a link for them to your post.

Nominees for Liebster Blog Award:

My 11 Questions for you:

  1. How do you define your SELF?
  2. What inspires you in life?
  3. What is your most desired dream?
  4. Are you a private person or social or selectively social?
  5. What is that you dislike in others?
  6. How satisfied are you with your life?
  7. When was the last time you encouraged someone?
  8. What makes you go crazy?
  9. What makes you trust someone?
  10. What is that something which you cannot live without?
  11. How do you feel when someone nominates you for any award?

Kindly do not re-nominate me. Let that opportunity be given to one more deserving blog. Enjoy motivating….enjoy nominating.