The Saline Mischief !

women black and white artistic tears monochrome sadness_www.wall321.com_79
Gestating in my heart, in my eyes you lay,
Lasting on my cheeks, on my lips you fray.
Comporting the tales of gray and gay,
The tears dance in pain and love, any way.

As though the moon, in my eyes you wax and wane
I beg your pardon……………, why do you drain?
You imbue me to the core, like a fervid rain
Devising me sane, and so insane, again.

My trusts, dreams and ruth you reflect
Of course, my insecurities so disgust.
Mouthing my scathe, my tongue has slept
Giving no voice, you flow silent and perfect.

Of compassion and sympathy you speak,
Ever on your toes, to disgorge for the meek.
To satiate, my worked up voids you seek
Of longing and loss, so bleak.

You are the river in which I drown
And the bridgework in my emotive town.
You are the epitome of my tacit mourn,
Purifying to the brim, and boldness I adorn.

Of my soul, you embody the antiquity,
The sanctified and unspeakable nobility.
You prompt me of my blanked out ability
And I compass the shoring of my divine stability.

I ramble in the stinging deserts of heart, aloof
Alike an aplomb, you en-grain in me, a gravid relief.
Empty one more time, beef up my belief
Flood in one more time and enact the saline mischief!

15 comments on “The Saline Mischief !

  1. Saline Mischief.. what a beautiful title…I understand what you meant by the two sharing the same fate.. my word though too few, embody the essence of Saline Mischief.. It’s a beautiful poem… personifying sorrow in a unique fashion! Thank you for suggesting that I read this.. I am better for it.. 🙂

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  2. F.G.M. says:

    I especially love the rhymes in this poem, they explain its very special rhythm, made of insistence and fluidity.
    “You are the river in which I drown
    And the bridgework in my emotive town.”
    Inspiring work, and very beautiful poem! Thanks for sharing 🙂

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    • beingeternal says:

      I am humbled reading your uplifting comment. These little but honest appreciation encourages us to go long way. I hope, this is your honest appreciation. Just kidding! 🙂

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      • F.G.M. says:

        Oh! For sure, it is my honest appreciation! I think appreciations are very important- Hypocrisy is pointless, when I don’t like.. I do not “like” and, of course, I don’t comment!
        I agree with you: appreciations encourage us, it exactly what I feel when I read kind comments – I’m not flattered, but encouraged, you have found the very right word!
        As you probably have understood, I really love Poetry, and I’m just amazed it is ALIVE, because so many sincere and talented poets (like you) makes it alive… As a non native speaker, it is very important for me to READ and to “study” the style of poets whose English is the first language… it helps me to improve my skill – of course I’ll never be as good as I am in my first language, but really, beautiful poetry like yours helps me! Have a nice day 🙂

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        • beingeternal says:

          Thank you friend for taking time and letting me know that it was your ENCOURAGEMENT and not FLATTERY. Knowing this matters a lot to me because it holds my feet on the modest ground. I am an Indian living in London. Though the mode of my learning was and is English, it is not my naive tongue. There are more than 30 recorded languages in my country so playing with English is the toughest job. Fortunate that my dad invested in me this inclination towards English since my childhood. I sincerely read each and every word when I read others’ and I expect the same. I really do not mind when others fails to comment.For me quality matters more than quantity and that quality should be the honest one.

          Once again a BIG THANK YOU for your fair encouragement and precious time. Take Care and Stay Blessed! 🙂

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  3. HI! I love the name you’ve given to this poem 🙂

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  4. Khadija says:

    Wow!!…u held me spellbound!!…:):)

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