The Prowess!


Miserably disappointed with searching images and its copyrights, I have decided to go on my own. The below image is a rough sketch drawn by me. The shadow effect is the photo editor’s courtesy. I hope the image is not that bad. 🙂

Oh my dearest, you know not,

The fine prowess of loving.

And I know not other than such thing.

A nerve to sound out, I bear not.

But I say with a bemoaned heart;

There are merely two ways of lasting life:

One, you know not;

And the other…..I know not.

14 comments on “The Prowess!

  1. psychopathsgetbored28 says:

    Wow! The last two lines are strikingly haunting, R! “One, you know not; And the other…..I know not.” – Spot on! I suppose that the message of the poem is to depict longing, which you have done so powerfully.
    Also the sketch! Teach me! I can’t even draw a straight line..with a scale! You are an artist through and through, I’m proud to be your friend. ❤

    Much love and hugs

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    • beingeternal says:

      Oh, D! So kind of you to love those rough lines and curves. I was just giving some work to my pencil as I couldn’t stand it lying lazily. You are right………it is about two people who are poles apart in their perception. I would be happy to teach you how to draw a straight line. First let me learn that art. I am fairly good at not so measured lines. I’m equally proud to be your friend…..a friend who understands. loves, sends hugs and cookies, makes you laugh, encourages you always…………………still makes no complaints. What else can I long for? Love you too. Take care and don’t forget shining. 🙂

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  2. stacilys says:

    So sweet. And I love the picture you drew. I have no ability in drawing, so I truly admire those that are able to visually express a message. And it’s such a sweet drawing too.


  3. I love your ability to express your emotions. It was beautiful. Congratulations on being brave and entering your own drawing. I liked the effect. Rose

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  4. JuJuwe says:

    Sweet, kind of sad ? And the drawing is simple yet nice. Love it. 😊

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  5. What a lovely poem!! The picture is delightful! It enhances the purity of the poem.

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  6. Wow, the poem’s intense and your drawing isnt so bad you know 🙂
    just beautiful!

    Btw, i love this new layout! Its kindda inviting 🙂 thumb up

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