The Submerge!


In my sottish haze and in my weariness,

I date my spirit ….my tender memory of love;

My moon and moonshine; my sun and sunshine;

My garden and water; my grape and grape wine.

Swooning to a celestial tune, to the soulful strain of love;

I breathe in, every wee drop of Elysian ecstasy.

Torn and born in your love, I am fated to you, my beloved.

Ceasing my search and leading my life in you.

Drawing in repose and unfreezing my agony in you.

Intoxicated by your love to the rim……

Chancing no other argue to frown,

I just drown……….drown to the unfathomable grace of YOU.

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47 comments on “The Submerge!

  1. sagarika says:

    Beautiful words. Your Poetry is Refined and Defined by the understanding of Spirituality and Realms of Mind and Heart. Glad to know you through your words. 🙂 – Sagarika

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    • beingeternal says:

      Thank you ever so much, Sagarika. I am elated to witness your precious time, reading my words and liking them. I am glad to have your beautiful presence on my blog. Looking forward to know you better. I have read just one beautiful poem of yours…………………… much of mystic beauty, still lying to be unravelled. Find me around, soon.
      Stay wonderful! 🙂

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  2. F.G.M. says:

    Such sweet grace as said Staci Lys… I would also say, such rhythm… mystical poetry! ♥

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  3. Ah!
    Just as lovely as always! 🙂
    My schedules wont let me be here as often to enjoy marvelous pieces such as this,
    Nice to read your words again, so nicee ❤

    P.S I'm obssessed with your theme, it makes me wanna come back all the time! 🙂 😀

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    • beingeternal says:

      Oh, dear…………your presence is well cherished and always a delight. Hope you are happily engaged with your exams and all (Exams? if I’m not wrong)

      Do not change your theme to mine………..otherwise I would be missing your presence here :). Do come back soon.
      Best wishes!!!

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  4. Beautifully worded. Had me from beginning to end. Great job.

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  5. psychopathsgetbored28 says:

    Wow, this poem is like a beautiful song which I can go on listening to for an eternity.
    I just drown……….drown to the unfathomable grace of YOU. – ah, yes, I could say the same for this lovely piece of art. You’re a prolific poet, R! YES! I’m proud to be your friend! ❤ 🙂
    Hope the moving thing is not too exhausting. Prayers for you.

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    • beingeternal says:

      Sooooooooooooo sweet of you sweetie. First, thank you very much for the lovely appreciation, Light. Second, the moving thing is done yesterday…………….was full on busy. Just settling down now. Unpacking is still going on. The only thing I am settled with here is the broadband connectivity. Would be on and off for two- three days and then I am as regular… 🙂
      Stay shining dear. 🙂
      P.S. Thank you a zillion for the concern. I’m glad you remember my moving thing.

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      • psychopathsgetbored28 says:

        Aw, well it’s good that the WiFi is working! 😀
        It’s okay, there’s no need to thank me, of course I remember! ❤
        I'll be waiting for you, R!
        Love and hugs!

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        • beingeternal says:

          🙂 Okay………….taking all my thanks back. I’m sorry for I am not able to read and appreciate your lovely poems. one more day to go …………..
          Hope the waiting ends very soon. The connectivity is not fast here. Have to upgrade. …until then.TAKE CARE. 🙂


  6. shujibhuji says:

    Wow… Amazing. What a beautiful poetry!

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  7. Thank you for visiting my blog and liking one of my posts. I pray you will come again some time. Blessings, Natalie 🙂

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  8. Reblogged this on Sindy's Saturday Satsang and commented:
    This is a great poem. In the same motifs I tarry.

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  9. Dang…..Now that is a poem! Love it!

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  10. Your words are so moving.. Intricately woven together like a beautiful necklace! Pleasure to read as always!

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  11. lightthelie says:

    “I just drown……….drown to the unfathomable grace of YOU” I so drown in this grace of my husband. What a beautiful piece, Reva!

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  12. stacilys says:

    ‘drowning in unforgettable grace’
    –Oh yes. Only by His grace. Such sweet grace. Without it we’d be doomed.

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  13. amoafowaa says:

    Let anyone write this of me, and I’ll be his forever, beautiful!

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  14. Its like listening to Sufi music

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  15. namenews says:

    Reblogged this on snackandchat and commented:
    I would like to thank Strings of Soulfulness for today’s motivation.

    Thank you.

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  16. namenews says:

    WOW. Stands up, applauds thunderously I really enjoyed reading this FIRST thing this morning to start my day. Your words are brilliant, elegant, and they danced for me. Thank you for sharing this.

    (Re-blogging Permission?)

    -N.N. Team

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    • beingeternal says:

      Wow…………..I’m feeling elated reading such a splendid appreciation. I’m humbled. Thank you cannot simply justify ………… I say Gratitude.

      Dear friend, I happily permit the reblog.
      Stay smiling.. 🙂

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