Winged Tale……..No more.


Born a cherubic birdie in the sulfurous times of the world;

Uprose it apace, needing to wing as high up as it could.

Autographed an unavowed tiny pipe dream on its wings;

Fingered glad and unassailable in its plumy little things.


Lightning wracked its comfy nest, in a doomed night storm;

Soaked up is the adult bird, whose feathers kept the birdie warm.

Stomached all the torment, the invalided birdie unable to fairly fly;

Squalled staidly, looming that its ciphered dreams would sure die.


Clock elapsed in haste and its fellow birds cut and ran their way;

Palpated the peril, as lonesome, it was highly unwieldy to stay.

Barbarous were the winds of world and tattered was its rest;

Swamped in icy rain, the birdie flapped in vain for its life’s quest.


Piloted in, a browny bird, cloaked in cleverly as a feathery friend;

Promising the birdie that its conked out wing, it would try to mend.

Banked the birdie, browny’s parole more than its one and only wing;

Reckoned the birdie, perching atop the maple tree, it could happily sing.


Days slipped away and bleached out were the birdie’s rainbow dreams;

Deplumed it was on each sun’s ascent, while curbed were its screams.

Long time glided by and little by little hushed up were its endearing songs;

Was cast off its nest remorselessly and browny abided others’ wrongs.


With breached wings and shriveled up heart, the birdie sighed in rain;

Calling God into question, “Feeding me pain, what did you gain?

If pronounce you that entrusting someone wholly, is my offence

Then how can I trust that you would someday speak in my defense?”


Pathetic to fly into the sky, wretched to die, hobbled the birdie all alone;

Chancing difficult to retrace the onetime path it took, too far it has gone.

Wings were irredeemably broken and its faith was terribly shaken….

In this unkindly world….will it survive even when everything is taken?

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92 comments on “Winged Tale……..No more.

  1. You had me at “birdie” and crushed me with “Deplumed”. I ❤ the restlessness it made me feel

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  2. Where are you, R?! Come back please!

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  3. 40something says:

    Just wanted you to know I was thinking about you Reva!! Blessings

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    • beingeternal says:

      Thank you veryyyyyyyyyyyy much Kirsten. You are too kind and amazing. You have planted an elated feeling of dearness and nearness in my heart. I am so glad learning that a kind lady thought of me. Gratitude and Loads of Love.
      Thank you once again for all the blessings. Stay Happy! 🙂


  4. JuJuwe says:

    Hi Reva. How are you doing ? I hope your wings are fine, nothing broken on them so you still would fly high, and I can see your colorful energy when the wind whisper sweetly between your beautiful flaps. Have a good afternoon. Is London getting cold ? Or freezing ? You stay warm.

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    • beingeternal says:

      Ohh… Julia! I am doing better, my dear. I repaired and tightened my wings for a new flight. No worries! Thank you for all your concern and cheering up hope. Hope you are doing amazing. Yes, London is all set to freeze in coming days. Thanks for the warm wishes. Stay Smiling.

      Love you. 🙂


  5. Aquileana says:

    Excellent poem… I found it sad and encouraging at the same time…
    Above all: original… Your verses do stand out ⭐
    Best wishes, Aquileana 😀

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  6. GJK says:

    i enjoy your elegant style

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  7. ugwuify01 says:

    Beautiful as always.

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  8. The birdie lives and lives with pride. With his/her chin up, bracing the reality, facing the morality, the warrior juggernaut belongs in the war. Not on a self-pitied path. Peace

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    • beingeternal says:

      Aww…………..thanks you sooooooooooooo much Vinz. Your beautiful words of hope and courage are deeply appreciated. Bracing the reality…facing the morality…It rhymes! He He 🙂
      Much love @juggernaut
      Love and Hugs!


  9. lightthelie says:

    What a beautiful poem, and oh how my heart broke for birdie! I just wanted to hug birdie and let them know that they are not alone! In so many ways we can all relate to this story. Feeling as if we are broken, or we have lost a part of ourself which makes us weaker. It doesn’t help when someone comes along in our life like browny bird, who sets us apart and isolates us. Making us feel ever more alone. It is the browny bird we need to be on the look out for in our own lives! Run like hell when we see them for who they truly are. You are so inspirational Reva!!!! I’m sorry I have been a little absent this last week. It’s been a busy one that’s for sure, but you have been on my mind often!

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    • beingeternal says:

      Aww Sweetie….no worries. Even I was not that regular…just on and off. Thank you so much for all the love and encouragement and trust. ” It is the browny bird we need to be on the look out for in our own lives!”- you have put it exactly, Emily. Hope you are pretty comfortable now. Thank you so much for keeping me in your thoughts.

      Stay Blessed!

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  10. Wow, R! I have a confession to make – I LOVE the dark poems that you write..they speak true to the soul, and makes me feel light, as if a burden has been lifted off my shoulders. And, I know I speak for many, even those who don’t know this poem exists. Because, it is the story of our lives – the fair share of unfair that we receive, it’s something about “breached wings and shriveled up heart, the birdie sighed in rain; Calling God into question, “Feeding me pain, what did you gain?” which tears my heart and that the birdie never received an answer, ever more so.
    I know the little birdie will survive, R. Because it is, it is surviving because it has other little birdies with it, other who share the same tattered wings, shriveled heart, blinded and guided by faith and hope, we all will fly in a giant V, tearing through the unfair world, and we’ll survive because we have a right to, as much as those who make it an unfair world for us.
    This poem touched me deeply, R in so many ways…I cannot comprehend. ❤
    Thank you for sharing it. Much love and hugs.


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    • beingeternal says:

      My Sweetheart….my poems are worth writing if they have even a minuscule power to lift a lightest feather of burden off someone’s shoulders. I am immensely relieved to know that it did though in its own petite ways. Love your thoughts..whatever you have put are very true…and that is the reality whether we embrace or shun away from the truth.
      The irony is,,,, the birdie always asks God even after knowing that the answer would never come. But still keeps on asking not because of faith in Him…. just to ensure and feel secure that it has someone who listens to it silently……just to have someone to share its pathos.

      It is struggle a… big fight if your fair share is robbed in an unfair way… but what if knowing this you let that happen to you… There are still such birdies who take the risk of accepting such browny birds. Now they have no right to question anyone.
      I hope you got something from the idea I am trying to sell.
      “tearing through the unfair world, and we’ll survive because we have a right to, as much as those who make it an unfair world for us.”- This thing is enough to start life afresh. Broken wings cannot be brought back.. but dying light of hope can be rekindled.

      Thank you LIGHT for lighting my dying candle of hope.
      All the Love and Hugs!

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      • Yes, I got the idea, R. I understand..and that’s the way those birds, who know it’s unfair and yet accept it, are designed – some are there to encourage others to fly high even if they don’t have the strength to, while there are some who know that they are walking into unfair, still they do it, they have their reasons, reasons that cannot be reasoned by others. You’re brave to accept it R and move on with it, nonetheless. I always say you are courageous and today even your words say the same.
        Just know that there are many who’ll always be with you in your heart, a shoutout is all that is needed, my friend. Lots of love, R! Thank you SO much for sharing this – I feel closer to you. 🙂

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        • beingeternal says:

          Thank you very much, Light. I am glad to read your reply. It is true that there are few people out there who encourage others…..just like you. I understand ….only a shoutout is needed to call those who are always and always there for me in my heart. I always feel growing closer to you inch by inch after reading your each encouragement. Thank you once again and shine bright.

          Loads of Love!


  11. 40something says:

    I believe that the little bird will survive! I rescued a nest of Warblers one time. They fought to survive. This was a poignant poem. The pain was evident. You, Reva, conveyed that pain with well crafted words! Life can be painful…

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    • beingeternal says:

      Thank you so much for believing that the birdie would survive. It is damn comforting, Kirsten. When the writer honestly feels the pain, his words unfailing ooze the exactitude and magnitude of that pain. It was a 30 min worked up poem. One tear on the cheeks and one word on the paper….

      I am in such a quagmire… where I have only two choices….allowing the mire to pull me down and engulf completely or fight to survive with all the will…in all faith.
      Yes, life can be unfairly painful at times… these times, the faith is questioned.

      Thank you once again, Sweetie for the lovely hope and generous appreciation. You understand my intent too well. Stay wonderful and blessed! 🙂

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      • 40something says:

        Fight with all you’ve got, Reva!! We will all be rooting for you. Sometimes just knowing that there are others out there fighting gives me strength. My faith helps me when my strength wanes. Keep writing when you are in those dark places, it is very cathartic. My writing helped me find the sparks of light in the dark pit! Blessings!

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        • beingeternal says:

          Thank you sweetheart. Your words are definitely a big boost. “Sometimes just knowing that there are others out there fighting gives me strength.”- This is true. I too feel the same. Yes, faith is something gives solace but I am I am in such a phase in life that even my heart is questioning my faith. I will definitely write, Kirsten. You have been encouraging me to vent out my anguish…thanks a zillion for your support. I find strength and hope in your words, which I cannot tell you but my heart feels it.

          Thank you once again, dear.

          Love and Hugs!


  12. maryam191 says:

    Too good ! Perfectly draws a world where hardships break a man’s wings.
    Love it 🙂

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    • beingeternal says:

      Thank you ever so much, Maryam. Rightly put….hardships break a man’s wings. But that is life and we are bound to live each moment….good or bad. Sometimes, there comes a phase where you are left with only choice….live by all means.

      Thank you once again for your generous appreciation.
      Stay Beautiful and blessed! 🙂

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  13. Akhiz says:

    The whole poem is epic but the second-last stanza is just wow 🙂

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  14. Rose Harmer says:

    Thank you again for a lovely poem expressing the realities of life. Great work.

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    • beingeternal says:

      Pleasure is all mine, reading your thoughts. Thank you Rose for the appreciation. Life is hard at times…..if rose has thorns then thorns do have a rose. It is all the way , we see it. I was little scared posting this because the reality in the poem is too gloomy. But then I realized….it is life.

      Stay Wonderful! 🙂


  15. Rose Harmer says:

    Thank you again for a provocative poem on the realities of life. Great job.

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  16. Hi, I would never be able to write poetry like this, it is that beautiful, but then I realize I don’t need to write like this, because you can! Thanks for stopping by my blog, pleased to meet you! Vonita 🙂

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  17. F.G.M. says:

    Words in this poem are like flowers in a garden… as powerful as beautiful! Have a nice Sunday ♥

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  18. viktoryarch says:

    When everything is taken, the weight upon the shoulders disappeared and never is coming back.
    The more the birdie wondered on the earthly path, the more the wings grew the feathers on its neck.
    One day the morning rose, and the beauty of the sun shone revealing silver feathers and some black.
    The birdie didn’t notice that, walking past the cliff side track.
    It fell over, but before hitting the earth it flew, flew to the sun as a free birdie with shining sunny speck.
    PS. Deliciously good poem. I love, love, love, love, love your poems. Stay inspired and be happy.

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  19. viktoryarch says:

    Poor birdy:(

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  20. sherinsk says:

    Don’t know why today you selected a sad theme.What can i say you are very gifted and i cannot write anything like this.That is all i know.God bless 🙂

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    • beingeternal says:

      This is a long time anguish I wanted to pen down but feared that it is too stark. But one or the other day, it has to be aired out. So why not today….
      Thank you for your kind opinion on me and my works.
      Stay Peaceful! 🙂

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  21. Love this one! The beautiful words, and the nice rhythm. Great work. 🙂

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  22. unbolt says:

    It’s mutually ❤

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  23. unbolt says:

    OMG! Reva…
    It’s so powerful… and so true.

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