Dream- A Caged Cloud!


An impeccant dream, missed in time’s leap;

Buried to arouse from the slumber so deep.

Fear swigged and stilled in ocean of my sighs;

Pocked to essence and caged in my free eyes.

Trusting to booze from the realism’s lil stream;

Waitressed in the duskiness to testify its gleam.

Unaware; it was mere a mute and lapsing cloud,

Damned to rain. Rising to stay? No, not allowed.

Image Courtesy: http://www.crated.com

17 comments on “Dream- A Caged Cloud!

  1. Very beautiful thought as well as pl. Free this cloud, because we are waiting for rain of dreams….;)

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  2. JuJuwe says:

    sometimes what we fear comes out alive in our dreams😊. always good to know you are here and spare us your beautiful enchanting words dear Reva. stay blessed😚

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  3. Beautiful, may the cloud fluff itself and break free

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