The Night Sky’s Embrace!

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Rainfall rollicking a game, slewing from the cloudy baskets;
Winds weaving tickles and driblets donning, chiming anklets.
Rocking the leaves, the new-sprung freshness in the cradle;
En-kindled are unvoiced feelings, chancing a way to dabble.

Stars shimmying in delight, bedecked and arrayed up above;
Intones of ecstasy, spieling richly and scorned ail, sitting low.
Scrooching she, the Night sky, tacitly across the quieted lake;
Underneath the witching moonlight, along the all unawake.

Lake, rearing to imbibe from the luscious lips of the night sky;
Crimsoning she, in the velvety veil, meeting her lover’s eye.
Swooning are the moments, steeping in novel lilacs and lilies;
And hallowing amply, is the orphic love’s aeonian embrace.

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28 comments on “The Night Sky’s Embrace!

  1. Rika says:

    What a wonderful bunch of writings I found here!
    I’m so inspired, I’m really glad that I found your blog, you got my follow!
    Much respect, from Algeria !!


  2. William Starns says:

    Reblogged this on The Contumax Teenager and commented:

    No words.

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  3. sherinsk says:

    If i got it correct with the last beautiful line you meant the moons reflection on the surface of water.


  4. fais says:

    beautiful indeed

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  5. Akhiz says:


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  6. Lovely combination… 🙂

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  7. fotografaire says:

    Beautiful photo, and lovely poem.

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    • beingeternal says:

      Thanks a zillion. Hunting this photo took approximately 3 hours for me. Was totally fagged. Just happy with the result. Thank you once again for liking. Stay peaceful! Reva😊


  8. woww this is beautiful

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