Saline Scripts…Ailing Lyrics!


Saline scripts of obscure past,
Tombed steadfastly to the last,
Signed up in amaranthine tears,
Varnished in lifetime of fears,
Enshroud to be vividly seen,
By someone’s eyes, keen.

Ailing lyrics from the heart,
Doomed to secrecy….. wait,
On the lips’ wizened threshold,
Stocking up songs unheard,
Quiver to be warmed versus,
Someone’s ever heeding ears.

Image Courtesy: Google.

24 comments on “Saline Scripts…Ailing Lyrics!

  1. An oceanic depth measured through words of heart..such a wonderful one Reva, but can see the hidden agony, yelling to be heard.
    Hope you are all fine. Sending you my smiles to lighten your sunday
    Stay smiling my deary ❤


  2. Exquisite! Pain made beautiful. (((hugs)))

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  3. kirsten says:

    Powerful poem, Reva! The picture added so much depth to meaning behind the words.

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  4. maryam191 says:

    That’s a painful one!

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