Motherhood in Stone

Motherhood in Stone (Click here for description)

Mother is considered as the embodiment of love, which is so soft to the core. Here I tried to describe that softness in the hardness of a rock. Still it is appearing soft and warm. That’s Mother’s Love.

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6 comments on “Motherhood in Stone

  1. JuJuwe says:

    I didn’t know why you paint the mother’s hand quite big but I see what it tells as being a mother, protection, a save and comfort wings


    • beingeternal says:

      Wow! You nailed it finally observing that. The sculpture is a treasured piece. Looking at the sculpture, I also felt the odd but it was deliberate as written under the original sculpture. I just wanted to imitate the original. Though I had no idea how that was related but able to connect the story with the sculpture very vividly now. Thanks for the connecting bridge of thoughts. No body asked me and I never bothered to explain. He He 🙂


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