Velvet Ashes of the Life’s Wood!


Barren musical chairs of lifetime, arbitrarily sit;
Awaiting to be arrayed at best and then mutely quit.
Bear they, the knottiest lyrics of life; overly long;
Marveling, ‘Why kismet has favored such a song?’.
Mindful they are “to be evacuated” all are placed;
Yet, few are dented, painted, and rest are nicely laced.
Be the monotone scarf of fall or shiny motley of spring;
Alike a branch, to every wind, they mastered to swing
Tuned up they are to behave at every alarming bell;
Continuing reliable moves and adeptly lasting well.
How smart was the game?How solitary they stood?
Verbalizes vividly, the velvety ashes of their wood.

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The moment, goes on……………….


Life is all in bantam instants of time. If these moments start to walk backward, the world would stop marching forward. Hence, the spiral of events never rest. They go on and on……….

Flower, the elysian panorama of beaut… gentle;

Up on a sveltest touch, dribbled is its fine-spun petal.

Yet, ceases not, being adrift, the savage wind goes on….

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Dismal night is at the clemency of charming moon;

Hopeful day, famishes for the warmth of beaming sun.

Yet, slackens not its taut clench, the unfeeling eclipse goes on…

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Glazed heart, brimmed with emotive tones, is so possessive;

For healing its frangibility, there is no known adhesive.

Yet, forsakes not its beating hollow, the barbarous love goes on…

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Life is an unnamed, uninterrupted splendiferous voyage;

Destination is an upstage and leading astray mirage.

Yet, kiboshes not his inveterate expedition, the daft man goes on…

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Death is an unwished-for guest, whose arrival is certain;

No escape from its embrace and no game to entertain.

Yet, renounces not the desire to live, the hobbling life goes on…

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