Gimme Your Fat!!!!

I have a skinny sister”Mahi” who always sinks into depression whenever she encounters healthy and fat people. I used to sit along with her while she wonders…….. “What is that which makes them so fat?”  At times I used to fear what if, by any good misfortune, I become fat and Mahi wonder looking at me and say, “What is that which makes her so fat?” This sheer thought was enough for me to keep check on my diet.

It was a Sunday afternoon and I had nothing more to do except imagining at my heights. I was fond of imagination since my childhood. All the memorable things I cherished in life, I accredit to my task of imagination. I was with all my elegance, lying on the couch. Mahi was just out of her slumber and was hunting for some place to lean. The room was all-empty except the couch on which I was lying and a chair that was overburdened with Mahi’s MBA books. I was closely watching her movements. I was sure that a girl who is not able to bear the content inside the books would definitely fail to bear the combined weight of the content, pages and hardcover of the books. I was always fortunate with my guesses. Finding nothing to lean against, she came to me, stood for a few seconds, stared directly in to my eyes, which kicked my imagination. I imagined almighty bestowing her with super power that can engulf anything with just a stare. Her warm back that she rested against my semi warm shoulder blades shook me out of my imagination. I asked her, “You are completely done with your so called sleep debt but why are you still looking grave?” To which she answered, “Yes! I am done with my sleep. I am worried about my skin. It has no fat underneath to back up. Even the stupid computer thing has a back up. Why only me…………..?” Hearing this, I was propelled to invite her into my world of fantasy, where I just bask under my imagination. I promptly asked “Are you interested in being fat like others of whom you wonder?” She just jumped on her knees, held my hand and said, LETS GO PLEASE.

We spared no second to lie down, side by side, but in a reverse direction on the small couch. If someone happened to view from the top angle, we would resemble two matchsticks side by side with two black spots opposite to one another contrasting on a white couch. I nudged Mahi’s right cheek with my right foot signalling the start of our journey. She gently reciprocated – her right foot to my right cheek. She always reciprocates everything-especially the insults! There we took off graciously bidding sayonara to the reality and escaping into our imaginary world. Surrounding things cordially waved at us and we shut our eyes, they too reciprocated by shutting off at us. 1-2-3 and done! There we landed on a fantasy ground with our eyes still shut. Some unpopular voice kissed our ears. It said, “Buy 1Kg of fat and get fat fixing glue free.” Mahi looked at me in utter amazement. I could observe all her senses exchanging glee. Before I could utter a word, she just ran chasing the voice. All I could hear was Mahi on top of her pitch saying “Eureka! Eureka! I found him.” Grown greedy of fat, she was not able to contain herself seeing so much of fat out there. There were only two stores- one store selling the fat for thin people and the other store buying the fat from the fat people. She immediately bought all the fat for herself. Her happiness doubled the moment the fat vendor handed her the fat fixing glue free. While she was busy sticking all the fat to her body, I being little business minded, was wondering what if I put a third store for both selling and buying. I was sure no lazy bums would hesitate to coming to such store, as they do not want to run their shoes to different stores. They would be happy to have a one-stop destination for their buying and selling needs. I would buy the fat for a lesser price and sell it to others at a bit higher price. This business thought was interrupted by the hefty shadow that was overcasting me. It was the Fat Fabricated Mahi. She was not able to walk without support. The unseasoned and instant fat dampened her gait completely. She held my arm while taking steps. I questioned, “Are you okay?” She promptly remarked, “I could feel my fat but since my bones are not used to carry such weight, they are just shaking underneath. It takes some time anyways for them to be adjusted with the new inclusion.” We were so engrossed that we failed to notice the wide pit ahead. She stumbled to ground. I guess she wanted a company even there. As she was holding my arm, she drifted me to the ground. We were living our imagination to the core. Thinking how could anyone live so? Here is the proof. Mahi literally slipped from the couch. It was timely tuned, Mahi falling in the pit with the heftiness of fat in the fantasy world and she landing on the floor from the couch in the real world took place simultaneously. Then I too followed her in the real room – real couch – real floor. The reality stacked me exactly over her thin body. Hearing the thuddddddddddd, mom cam running, trying to understand the scene. She sternly asked pointing at me, “What did you do to her?” I answered with my eyes diving deep beyond the flooring, as I was scared to face my mom’s unsatisfied look. I murmured saying, “All the self help books I read taught me that one should feel what we want in life. Mahi wanted fat and I was making her feel fat through the imagination technique so that she would one day become fat in real.” Mahi was lying on the floor in complete and perfect stillness. To me, she resembled a completely even CHAPATHI (Flat Indian Bread). After a calm of few seconds, there came a storm. Wondering reading the word STORM? Its synonym of my Mom’s taunt. She came so close that I could hear her heart beat and in that anxiety, my heart skipped a beat. She held my arm so tightly that all the nerves, veins, muscles beneath my skin cried for help jumping out of their usual place. Pointing her ever-ready index finger at my motionless sister, she stated – YOU HAVE NOT MADE HER FAT. YOU HAVE MADE HER FLAT ON THE GROUND INDEED.Image