The Inverse!

Pigment I myself on a calico canvas, in paled hues
Gray clouds sedate me and chafes me the rainbows.
Gates of spring in me, parades the nameplate of fall;
Immure I my self, backside of the absolving wall.
Uninventive and juice-less I lie, along the river soil,
Athirst I remain, neath the slaking rainfall’s toil.
In bunches I pass, yet trammeled to me, is my talk;
Seas of silence I hoard, a driblet of serenity I lack.
Illume I, a taper of hope, ahead my closed sight;
Yet euphorically cleaves, the dourest despair, tight.

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Swings of Innocence


Lovesome leaf was I, swaying frail and green;

Came an unhoped thief and robbed my sheen.

Life was gentle, nerveless and just plain;

Bore no baggage of hassles, to stock in vain.

Swanned I, in the slow sun struck woods;

Wool-gathered I, in the subdued moony beds.

Was beguiled by the beaming petite fireflies;

Trailing butterflies, whooped I happy cries.

Flipped a pebble to commove the sleeping pond;

Ramped up castles of sand on the shores, so fond.

Diddled with my fluid shadow in the day light;

Numbered the winking stars on the slate of night.

Clock flew the coop fast and the world said “Grow up”;

Slyness moused in and doors of whiteness shut up.

Lessons of growing up are cautiously trusted;

And swings of innocence are rakishly………. betrayed.

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The longing………


This longing is for my Mother, who is geographically distanced but emotionally connected. Missing her crazy in my lonesomeness.

Magical night and a majestic moon,

The stars arrayed to scintillate soon.

My stark soul, awaits a glimpse of you;

And aching heart hopes the spirits, renew.

Like the oceans binding the waves, agile;

My eyes behold your sunshine smile.

When bouts of pain, my eyes betray to confine;

To your allaying grace, I taciturnly entwine.

Doomed are my lips, for I cannot kiss your feet;

Sanctified are my dreams, in which you e’er meet.

Although the fondness of your breath is poles apart;

Its fragrance steeped in my soul, can ne’er depart.

Come up, my dearest mother, in placid paces,

And lodge in my dark voids and light up all spaces.

Ensure, the night will not pull round for long;

So hush me down quickly, with your soulful song.

Short-winded, I am, for the divine love of you;

The altruistic and purest, so undying and so true.

Breathe softly in me, your fervid and eonian love;

Nourish with tenderness, this petite seed, you sow.

One more Time…..

One more time…..

Let me don my wings, I desire to fly;

And surge to summits of bluey sky.

Let me suspire the spirited up air,

And freely ramble everywhere.

Let me Hi five the splendid sun;

And diddle with rays, just for fun.

One more time…..

Let me buss the orphic moon;

And whistle a song to the silver boon.

Let me carry a crazy dance and dine;

And get drunk in the crescent shine.

Let me wink at twinkling stars;

And holler ‘Hello’ to neighboring Mars.

One more time…..

Let me pigment the white cloud, gray;

And escort the driblets mark their way.

Let me smell the swamped soil in rain;

And craft a 🙂 on misty window pane.

Let me unwrap earth’s drape of brown;

And see it cloaked in complete green.

One more time…..

Let me lap up the crystal dew;

And cast myself in the foggy view.

Let me bumble with the wicked waves;

And ring my name amidst rocky caves.

Let me perch on a calm sandy beach;

And hoard the shells, one kind, each.

One more time…..

Let me wipe up the grime of mind;

And discharge the clutter and unwind.

Let me brush off my sorrow asides;

And sweetly hum in felicity, besides.

Let my spirit spring up by itself;

And live my righteous role as MYSELF.

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The Dance of Vehemence.


I dance to the tacit tunes of splendid wildness.
Let not the man uncover me in his bare keenness.
Behind, I bequeath my gossamer veil of soberness,
Like an insane, I saltate in my rapturous madness.

My dance is finely sculped in the tranquil zephyr,
As I incite with all the métier my soul can harbour.
I dance to my heart’s marrow, and no person, I care.
Move, I fleetly – to kiss my feet, no sand can dare.

I dance in the swarms of cosmic whirlpool, so wild,
And lift my nimble substance in surges of gracility, so mild.
I flirt with my pixilated shadows, like a child;
As though a pearl of dew, in the elysian lunacy, I slide.

I sway along gently and dance like ne’er before;
Soar like a roiled ocean, to reach my sedated shore.
Fly like a bird, but flock of my burdens, I ignore;
And trip the light fantastic toe to the sacred rhythm, I adore.

I look upto my pristine soul, casting off the sheath;
Getting larger than life, and defying death.
I find my pedes weaving a little poetry, underneath;
And pick up my heart humming a melody on each breath.

Envied angels pair off their finest footfalls with mine,
In the grimmest night, like a silvern moon, I shine.
The stars align in paragon, as my arcs twist and twine;
Crimsoned, I feel on cloud nine, Oh! How do I confine?

My anguish is bolted and deepest void is liberally filled;
I dance like woolgathering with my feet and calm is instilled.
My hieing heart is exalted and sobbing soul is lulled;
In the dance of vehemence, even the cosmos is stilled.

Where thoughts die and feelings live….


“Fumbling in the blackest spaces of the intimate emptiness, worries at bay and hopes to stay, she swayed to the melodic rhythm of her soul. Winnowing out pride and embracing love in her stride; croaking beyond the game of shame and blame, she swam the banks of her emotional river. Trampling through and through the murkiest layers of grief and strife she acknowledged her soul dearest. She drenched, drowned and lost herself into the unfathomable profundities of her eternal self. Feeling and freeing limitless, she remained with an innocent fed heart. She rehearsed the “weep of retreat” at the ultimate hark back to her soul. She buried the prosaic rituals of mere living and was adrift on the clear waters of everlasting existence – a pristine pearl in the shell exuding her innate essence. Raising calm in her own presence, she reassembled her fragmentary self. In these unparalled moments of divine silence, she sank in her true self….where thoughts died and feelings lived.”

The mystic fragrance left on my sandals.


The subdued sunshine over the mountains, the chirping of birds, the pitter-patter of raindrops, many hues of splendid flowers, the rustling of leaves, the fickleness of winds, the magical flux of a stream wholly riddled all my senses. My senses benumbed to saturation with the divine nature. There was no other me other than the one in oneness with the nature. I rested my body against the lush green carpet. The cool headed grass blades swaying over my forehead stilled me to peaceful thoughts. I swam in the contemplation of my thoughts and desires. I hit my little mind asking, “When we have access to such beautiful nature in abundance, why don’t we utilize this never-ending resource of life and wisdom?” The mightiness of my vivid thoughts seemed inferior in of the power of sleep goddess. At last, my thought power bowed in front of the sleep power, which none ever walked on this earth succeeded to resist and win over. My drooping eyes battling to stay wide and awake ended up tasting darkness.  A beautiful dream or a subtle reality dawned over me completely. There I realized myself lulled in the lap of a never seen yet a much known damsel draped in awesomeness of untainted love.  Her sparkling eyes flooding with love arrested me in all my amazement. I uttered, ‘Who are you and what do you do? Where do you put up?’ She replied in her mesmerizing voice saying, ‘I am mother Nature. I care, nourish, comfort and teach the essence of God planned life of happiness and contentment to all my little children. I am everywhere and accessible to all.’

I poured my curiosity over forgiveness. In all my innocence and with infinite faith in getting an answer, I voiced. ‘What is Forgiveness?’ The damsel smiled at me with pursed lips and said, ‘You have to earn your answer through your own experience but to keep your flame of faith stable, I say that you will get your answer very soon.’

A raindrop over my cheek mustered up to shook me off. My eyes that were gazing at the infiniteness of the clear sky, obligated to view the gray sky infused with fully blown clouds. The last thing that echoed in my ears was, “You will get your answer very soon”. I was just wondering how that would be possible ever. It was just a dream. One part of me was completely nullifying my hope about getting an answer and the other part was fueling my faith. Clueless of how to strike a balance between these two conflicting ideas, I tried to be diplomat. I settled to go on with my instincts that were directing me to something good to happen.  Suddenly, I earned that the nature was painting itself in pitch black. Shutting off my reasoning mind, I immediately took to my heels. On my journey back home, I did not really notice what was brutally been crushed underneath my feet. I was just carrying the sorry feeling for the unknown souls. I reached my home gasping for breath. To my surprise, there was no one at home. To stamp out the lonesomeness inside and outside of me, I just willy-nilly picked up a book from my Grandpa’s library. I read few quotes from the book. The queasiness left behind by my irrational dream did not allow for concentration. I felt like closing the book but was not able to, as something was hinting me to certain thing inside the book. A complete bizarre experience took hold of me. A feeling that be forced neither to dance to the tune of ink nor be confined to few strokes on keyboard nor be rendered a voice.

I carefully furnished my view all over the inside of that book. My eyes refused to move further at one point, where they wedded to quote that said, FORGIVENESS IS THE FRAGRANCE THAT THE VIOLET SHEDS ON THE HEEL THAT HAS CRUSHED IT. The air grew tacit with me and I sensed something nameless in the room. I hotfooted to the living room, where my sandals reposed unconsciously as if they smelt out something uncanny and swooned………… at the shoe stand and other at the dining table. I guess, the one at the table tried to break away but gave up ending at the feet of a dining chair. I observed that the blood of those crushed down painted my white pair of sandals with purple hues. I was puzzling over many and so I tried to calm down my anxiety. I recollected that the violets on which I stamped over while I was running in the dark rendered my sandals a purple stain. On the other sandal, I could find few dead violets who sacrificed themselves for a purpose. However, what could that intent be? I went back to my room and re-read the quote for long. I realized that the nature in the form of those violets taught me a great lesson of forgiveness. Being slave to selfishness, I ran for my life in the dark paying no heed to those crushed down underneath. I convinced myself that I cared for those and I had that sorry feeling while my feet stamped over them but sorry cannot bring a dead violet alive. At last, I defied having a close look at those dead violets. They seemed smiling. It was awesome! They smelled sweet. It was fantastic.

The sweet scent pervaded my senses and satiated the air, putting me to disgrace. Those dead souls did not avenge their life; instead, they left a cherished fragrance on the sandal heels, the murderer. More than a mere fragrance of violets, it was a pure forgiveness.  Violets taught me an object lesson. Nature answered me. Yes. Forgiveness is a fragrance left by those who forgive you in spite of the hurts you give them. Let us forgive ALL and let us be the personification of this fragrance.