The longing………


This longing is for my Mother, who is geographically distanced but emotionally connected. Missing her crazy in my lonesomeness.

Magical night and a majestic moon,

The stars arrayed to scintillate soon.

My stark soul, awaits a glimpse of you;

And aching heart hopes the spirits, renew.

Like the oceans binding the waves, agile;

My eyes behold your sunshine smile.

When bouts of pain, my eyes betray to confine;

To your allaying grace, I taciturnly entwine.

Doomed are my lips, for I cannot kiss your feet;

Sanctified are my dreams, in which you e’er meet.

Although the fondness of your breath is poles apart;

Its fragrance steeped in my soul, can ne’er depart.

Come up, my dearest mother, in placid paces,

And lodge in my dark voids and light up all spaces.

Ensure, the night will not pull round for long;

So hush me down quickly, with your soulful song.

Short-winded, I am, for the divine love of you;

The altruistic and purest, so undying and so true.

Breathe softly in me, your fervid and eonian love;

Nourish with tenderness, this petite seed, you sow.