Amidst the Unknown Sands….


Dawn on me secretly my soulmate……..your saving grace;

Thaw my frozen down spirit along the Sun’s maiden rays.

Do not adjourn yourself from me, you, the absolute divine;

Redeem mercy to this iniquitous soul, to you, ever I entwine.


Consecrate me all over again with your intoxicating smile;

Avail me to steer still, this shimmying ship of tears for a while.

Played out to core, I am, tagging your moonily reflection;

Tranquilize me to reposeful sopor with your genial affection.


Kneeling in the autumn of life, imploring you to be the spring;

All the nests are bygone tales yet birds of hope blithely sing.

Rainfall pinks my door, frequenting as an unwished-for guest;

Enfeebling itself, pouring all but betraying to slake my thirst.


Despair tramping stealthily, is all I construe in this noisy air;

Do not rob me off my serenity, my silent and rightful share.

Quivers is my trusted desire in this unfeeling wintry cold;

Tune up my faith underneath your love blanket’s warm fold.


Stir up in me, the compassionate spark, and the holy will to live;

Pep up me to espouse your guiding light and justly forgive.

Tincture your remembrance in all my nescient voids of sense;

Beef up me to entomb the carking clouds of fears, so dense.


Secure me fondly with your lovesome lace, all night and day;

Let no anguish of yesterday or vex of futurity make their way.

Settle softly alongside me, kissing my frail and unnerved hands;

Embodying the known friendliness amidst the unknown sands….

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The moment, goes on……………….


Life is all in bantam instants of time. If these moments start to walk backward, the world would stop marching forward. Hence, the spiral of events never rest. They go on and on……….

Flower, the elysian panorama of beaut… gentle;

Up on a sveltest touch, dribbled is its fine-spun petal.

Yet, ceases not, being adrift, the savage wind goes on….

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Dismal night is at the clemency of charming moon;

Hopeful day, famishes for the warmth of beaming sun.

Yet, slackens not its taut clench, the unfeeling eclipse goes on…

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Glazed heart, brimmed with emotive tones, is so possessive;

For healing its frangibility, there is no known adhesive.

Yet, forsakes not its beating hollow, the barbarous love goes on…

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Life is an unnamed, uninterrupted splendiferous voyage;

Destination is an upstage and leading astray mirage.

Yet, kiboshes not his inveterate expedition, the daft man goes on…

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Death is an unwished-for guest, whose arrival is certain;

No escape from its embrace and no game to entertain.

Yet, renounces not the desire to live, the hobbling life goes on…

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The Submerge!


In my sottish haze and in my weariness,

I date my spirit ….my tender memory of love;

My moon and moonshine; my sun and sunshine;

My garden and water; my grape and grape wine.

Swooning to a celestial tune, to the soulful strain of love;

I breathe in, every wee drop of Elysian ecstasy.

Torn and born in your love, I am fated to you, my beloved.

Ceasing my search and leading my life in you.

Drawing in repose and unfreezing my agony in you.

Intoxicated by your love to the rim……

Chancing no other argue to frown,

I just drown……….drown to the unfathomable grace of YOU.

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Evermore…………I stay on.

paper_boatIn the shallowness of your ‘Love Lake’

My fortunes of subsisting are very bleak.

I can neither vie to live nor to die,

Apart from airing an unsounded sigh;

Such is the astuteness of your love.

No matter how natural I submerge in you;

I manifest myself afloat

In your superficial waters;

Rowing my emotive boat.

In the hollowness of your heart,

I exist, sating vacuum of some sort.

Being a good deal in you,

In you, I lack a space.

Oh……….what a disgrace!

No matter how sorely, my heart bleeds;

To bide with you, is what it pleads.

Convinced, I am.

No matter how many oceans, my eyes shed;

They can ne’er puff up your shoal.

No matter how many times I call up you, dame;

Your cored out heart can never echo my name.

All the same…

In the shallowness of your love,

In the hollowness of your heart,

Evermore……………I stay on.


Glass of Life


Clouds of false pride………………..underneath modesty, they hide.

Stood up great, the candied glass of life,

Chirking up in faux pride of vernal wine.

Brimmed with gloat, no ail no grief;

All globe it induced, to bid as MINE.

Befogged in vapors of ego, enthroned so high;

Enticed the storm and descended the fall.

Tattered bitingly to footing in an awful sigh,

Bussed its end upon kismet’s surly call.

Erstwhile, a paradigm of glinting shine,

Threw off its splendor to the fatal night.

Knelt in hope for the stars to align.

Battered and bankrupted; lost the fight.

Reposed with a damped pride, naught remain;

Befriended the ground and feared the height.

Prayed for humility, its collapsed pieces so fine;

Freed is the ego, the glass is clear and al-right!