A Cute Little GUEST or HOST?

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIt was mid-January, when I switched over to my new home. Sterner and fussier work schedules did not tolerate for leisure packing. I could not afford help from any of my friends as they too had their schedules tightened up to the heights. To my bad, few of the people of whom I was certain were plagued with some or the other pressing errands. The regretful part was with the left over acquaintances that were out of town when I demanded them THE MOST. Whenever my family or any other known family chanced sequential troubles, my granny used to spill her celebrated consoling words, “Miseries comes all at once with their kith and kin.” This stating evidenced true many a times in my life. My granny popped off but her expression stayed on with me, surfacing repeatedly, bearing witness to its existence.

That impuissance experiencing circuitously made me dive deep into my ocean of emotions. I left no stone unturned but all in vain. The awful fibs told by my friends and relatives about the great losses they ached because of the Packers and Movers’ arrogance, ignorance and recklessness made me steer clear of them for few weeks. The more you resist the more it persists held true in my situation. Left with no expected help in my unexpected situation, I had to honor the packers and movers option. I called them early in the morning so that I can brood over the after damage leisurely during the rest of the day, digest it by night, and sleep peacefully until the next morning.

The queasy hour came and they stood in a row in front of my old house’s gate. I lavished an unintended welcome. Just like robots, they came, packed and they moved. After loading the van with my cherishable household items, they posed on those packed boxes. Although the pressure was exerted on those packed boxes, dent was engraved on my heart. The more weight they put on my things, the more heavy my heart grew. Every moment, the van’s tires bumped against the speed breakers on the way, the boxes derailed abruptly causing me feel to jump off the bike and hold the boxes in place. Regrettably, I was not a superwoman to do that stunt. However, I exhibited the agony, the poignancy, the frustration, the depression and my thoughts, squeezing vinu’s collar so tightly that it choked off Vinu’s throat. The more heavy the jerk my boxes presented, the more tightly I squeezed Vinu’s collar. Vinu just sounded out, “No hurry dear! Have patience. Do not rehearse killing. You can do that tout de suite when you reach them.”

Finally, my anxiety ceased the moment the van stepped on the pavement of my new apartment. I evaporated from the site of offloading, as I was certain that if something is damaged, my eyes will deluge with tears. When all those damage creators left, I realized that my cot’s hinges came out loose and two of the legs are broken. Fridge got nicely decorated dimples randomly. These were the notable damages. I did not dare to clear up the bundled boxes.

Alas! I just pulled a chair and sat with a heavy heart in the balcony. The sorriest part was to be alone, with no one to welcome me and no one to be welcomed at my new place. I guess God really found that I need someone to make me feel at home. From obscurity, a little brown puppy hailed running towards my balcony. It dint pay any heed to my presence. It behaved as if it knows the in and out of the house. Several times, it went in and out checking all the boxes, as if it was supervising all the things. Usually I do not care pets but this puppy absorbed my attending. Its conduct afforded me a feel that it is the puppy’s house and it was receiving me into its house. I was even more delirious witnessing the puppy warding off other people who were queer looking into my house. That egged on a secured feeling. Upon inquiry, I learned that the puppy belonged to a petty shop owner who stays half a kilometre away from my flat. This shows that the puppy came all the way from there to my place. I fed few biscuits and it played merrily for a while and then slumbered near the balcony railing. It traveled to us for few consecutive days and then it held back. I guess it smelt out that we are happily settled and are in need of no company. However, the puppy do visited us occasionally and when it did not appear in the vicinity sometimes, Vinu and I made rounds to the shop to feed biscuits to BROWNY, the way we call that puppy. Whenever I felt the damage incurred by the packers and movers, I masked it with a good feeling yielded by BROWNY.

I guess it was this cute little guest cum host that made my day which could have turned into a doom’s day had it not been there for me to welcome.