Glass of Life


Clouds of false pride………………..underneath modesty, they hide.

Stood up great, the candied glass of life,

Chirking up in faux pride of vernal wine.

Brimmed with gloat, no ail no grief;

All globe it induced, to bid as MINE.

Befogged in vapors of ego, enthroned so high;

Enticed the storm and descended the fall.

Tattered bitingly to footing in an awful sigh,

Bussed its end upon kismet’s surly call.

Erstwhile, a paradigm of glinting shine,

Threw off its splendor to the fatal night.

Knelt in hope for the stars to align.

Battered and bankrupted; lost the fight.

Reposed with a damped pride, naught remain;

Befriended the ground and feared the height.

Prayed for humility, its collapsed pieces so fine;

Freed is the ego, the glass is clear and al-right!